June 2011

Thousands rally to demand greedy banks and corporations pay their fair share

Hundreds of SEIU members joined thousands of Chicagoans on June 14th in a traffic-stopping rally to stand up against corporate greed and tell leaders from more than 80 of the Midwest’s wealthiest corporations to “Give It Back!”

The 18 unions and community organizations taking part in the Stand Up! Chicago campaign spent weeks leading up to the June 14th rally carrying out dozens of actions against the big banks who accept taxpayer bailout money but don’t provide fair loans and corporations who receive huge tax breaks but fail to create good jobs. Students, teachers, workers, the long-term unemployed, and Chicago residents from all walks of life took part in the event to demand that these banks and corporations give back our jobs, our homes, and our schools. (more…)

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A victory for good jobs in Chicago at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

After months of negotiations, an overwhelming majority of Northwestern Memorial Hospital members have voted to ratify their new contract that holds hospital management accountable to protect good jobs and quality patient care.

“It was a long, hard fight from day one, but Northwestern is a nonprofit—we knew we had to hold them accountable to give back good jobs for the city in exchange for the tax breaks they receive,” said food service worker and bargaining committee member Shain Khan. “Our main goal was winning job security for our members, and we stuck together and fought for it until we got it,” he said.


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Paid training for Personal Assistants: Take this survey to help develop our curriculum!

By standing together in our Union, Personal Assistants have won real victories, including raises and first-time healthcare. We also fought very hard in Springfield to protect vital state funding and stop budget cuts to homecare for seniors and people with disabilities. We also won $2 million for PA training in our Union contract, starting later this year–for the first time ever, PAs will be paid to attend voluntary training workshops.

Our Union is looking for YOUR input so that we can set up a training program that meets your needs and improves the quality of care we provide. Please take a minute to fill out this short survey to let us know what kind of training skills PAs in SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana can use.

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