Victory at Centers for New Horizons!

This week, 64 workers at Centers for New Horizons in Chicago voted to join together in SEIU, giving them the strength they need to fight for better conditions, better supplies, dignity and respect, and a real voice on the job.
“One of our teachers also works as a home child care provider with SEIU, and my mom was a nursing home steward for SEIU for 30 years, so I knew these were the people to help us get things done,” said teacher Evelyn Smith. “Once we all decided to organize, we got started right away and didn’t stop working till we won our union.”
CNH workers were motivated to get together in part because of supply shortages at the center.
“When we enroll parents, we tell them we’ll provide things like diapers and milk, but management would tell us to ask parents to bring those things when we ran short,” Smith said. “That’s not right. Those parents are barely making ends meet as it is.”

CNH Teacher Geraldine Robinson

CNH Teacher Geraldine Robinson

“Now that we’re together, we’ll have a say over things like breaks, meals, supplies, and vacation time. Our center is going to grow and shine!” said teacher Geraldine Robinson.

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