Victory – We Stopped Right-to-Work for Less in Missouri

MO Lobby Day 3-12-2013

With the close of legislative session on Friday, the threat of Right-to-Work for Less legislation in Missouri is postponed for now. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of SEIU Healthcare Missouri members, the rest of the labor community, faith allies, and community organizations, the Republican led legislature was unable to succeed in passing their entire anti-worker agenda as planned. Paycheck Deception was passed out of both chambers, however hopes are high that Governor Jay Nixon will veto the bill. A successful veto override would require every Republican lawmaker to support Paycheck Deception, but 25 crossed the aisle and joined Democrats in voting against the bill during session so it would be unprecedented for this to happen. We are staying vigilant though, and prepared to continue the fight into veto session this fall if the need arises.

Here’s a snapshot of the great work that members contributed to the fight:

  • 1,276 doors knocked
  • 2,538 phone calls made and conversations completed
  • 383 patch thru calls completed directly to lawmakers
  • 11 work sites visited and leafleted with information on ways to take action against these anti-working family bills

Congratulations to all who assisted in defeating these bad bills, especially Addus home care worker Sherry Wade and Abbey Care Center nursing home worker Twayna Thompson who spent 6 weeks working full-time on the campaign targeting Republican represented districts.

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