Our Partners at Raise Illinois Applaud Unanimous Passage of Chicago City Council Resolution to Increase the State’s Minimum Wage to $10.65 an Hour

We are pleased to post this press release from the Raise Illinois coalition, working to raise the minimum wage.

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Chicago Aldermen Voted 49 to 0 to Endorse Raising Illinois’ Minimum Wage

(February 5th, 2014, Chicago) – The Chicago City Council unanimously passed a resolution today by a vote of 49 to 0 in support of raising the state’s minimum wage to at least $10.65 an hour.  The city council’s resolution also specifically endorsed state legislation HB 3718, sponsored by State Representative Art Turner (9th District) and SB 68 by State Senator Kimberly Lightford (4th District). Aldermen John Arena (45th Ward) sponsored the city council resolution.

The number of aldermen who supported the resolution, and effectively endorsed the Raise Illinois coalition’s effort, demonstrates the breadth of support in the city and across Illinois for lifting wages for low-income workers and families.

Children joined the picket line at Rainbow Beach.

Children joined the picket line at Rainbow Beach.

Aldermen Leslie Hairston (5th Ward) stated, “Currently, there is a serious proposal in Springfield to increase the state minimum wage to at least $10.65 an hour that I heartily endorse. All workers in the state need this common sense economic support that is long overdue. Raising the minimum wage is absolutely the right thing to do for Illinois working families, communities and economy.”

In response, the Raise Illinois coalition, issued the following statement:

We fundamentally believe that raising the minimum wage in Illinois to at least $10.65 is the right approach to support our small businesses, grow the local economy, give low-wage workers the raises that they have earned, and to support working families living in poverty.

We need a comprehensive approach to expand opportunity and economic security for all working families both in Chicago and across our state.  That approach must include lifting wages for low-income workers to invest in our communities again.

It is important that all elected officials work together from across the aisle, on a bipartisan basis, and in partnership with state lawmakers in Springfield, to deliver real and meaningful reform on behalf of working families. That’s why we urge all elected officials in the greater Chicago area, and around the state, to support legislation to raise the minimum wage in Illinois to at least $10.65 an hour.

Lifting wages for working families who struggle every day should not be construed as a partisan issue, but rather the right, decent and moral thing to do in support of our communities.

We agree with President Obama that income inequality is the defining challenge of our generation and that we must tackle this crisis head on. And we applaud Governor Quinn for his leadership on this critical issue to raise the minimum wage in Illinois.

It is time to give we give low-wage workers and the families whom they support the raises that they have earned.


Raise Illinois is led by a coalition made up of community, business, faith, and labor organizations along with minimum wage workers and supporters that are committed to fighting for a raise in the minimum wage in Illinois.  Raise Illinois is a major legislative and grassroots campaign to increase Illinois’ minimum wage from the current $8.25 per hour to $10.65 an hour. www.raiseillinois.com

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