Christian Care Home Workers Picket in Ferguson over Unfair Labor Practices, Push for Lower Turnover

photo 1Workers at Christian Care Home held a picket on Thursday, June 12, to highlight unfair labor practice violations committed by management, including retaliation for public union support. Negotiations at the facility have been ongoing for four months, and workers have made it clear that a primary goal is to try and reduce turnover at the facility so residents have a steady, reliable workforce. According to information provided by the home, Christian Care Home has experienced a 400% turnover rate for CNA’s in the last 3 years  and is one of the lowest paid facilities in the county.

“I’m picketed because we need to see the quality of care for our residents improved, and because my co-workers and I need to be treated with dignity and respect,” said Paula Jones, a CMT for Christian Care Nursing Home.

Christian Care Home has been cited 17 times by the state of Missouri since 2009.

Workers at Christian Care Home say they will continue standing up for quality care for residents and quality jobs for those who keep the nursing home going.

Here’s a link to press coverage of the picket in the St. Louis Dispatch.

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