Skilled Home Health RNs and LPNs Celebrate Recent Victory as the Newest Members of SEIU HCII

MCC_Health Force group shot

On Monday, June 30, hundreds of home care LPNs and RNs on the South Side of Chicago won their union and became the newest members SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana. Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses at MCC, and Licensed Practical Nurses at HealthForce stood strong through an intense anti-union campaign from management.

These nurses serve medically fragile and technologically dependent children that receive care through Medicaid funding. Improving the quality of care for those who depend on home services and improving jobs are top priorities for these skilled caregivers.

Lynette Shenault“As a healthcare professional, I believe that nurses deserve to be respected for the hard work we do, and that means making enough money to support ourselves and our families,” said Lynette Shenault, a LPN at HealthForce. “Forming our union together will give us the voice we need to advocate for better jobs for skilled caregivers, and most importantly, better care and services for our patients.”

Skilled home health nurses are forming an industry-wide network across several agencies throughout Chicago’s southern communities, and are ready to move forward and bargain their first contract.

Welcome and congratulations to our newest members at MCC and HealthForce!

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