Northview Village Nursing Home Workers Keeping Up the Fight for Affordable Healthcare & Fair Raises

25 CNAs, CNTs, housekeeping, and dietary staff at Northview Village held a picket recently to highlight their fight for affordable healthcare and to call out management for unfair labor practice violations, including intimidation for union support.

Negotiations at the facility have been ongoing for 3-4 months, and workers have made it clear that a primary goal is to try and reduce turnover at the facility so residents have a steady, reliable workforce.

Management is insisting on downgrading workers’ health insurance to a plan that is non-ACA compliant and is about a third of the actual value of the current health insurance plan for workers.

“I work hard every day to ensure our residents get the care they need,” said Anthony Sloan, a CNA at Northview. “Management refuses to recognize that though, and are trying to make it harder for us to see doctors and get healthcare when we’re sick. If management has their way, residents and workers will suffer.”

Workers at Northview Village say they will continue standing up for quality care for residents and quality jobs for those who keep the nursing home going.

“Front line healthcare workers serving our seniors and people with disabilities need access to quality, affordable healthcare when we 47get sick, so we can get the care we need and return to our residents who rely on us each day,” explained Karen Johson, another CNA at Northview. “We’re not going to just roll over, this issue impacts workers and our residents.”

Over 80 workers and community allies led a march and handed out flyers to passersby encouraging them to call the Northview administrator and urge them to stop the intimidation of workers and to settle a fair contract with affordable healthcare and fair raises for the workforce.

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