Letter to the Editor: Home Care Worker OJ McGee

OJ McGee 6Keith Kelleher’s article over the Labor Day weekend said the recent Harris v Quinn decision could either be a nail in the coffin, or a shot of adrenaline for home care providers. After today’s announcement of home care workers joining the fight for $15 with fast food workers, I think we have an answer.

I’m a single dad and have been providing home care for 4 years. I work hard each day to provide for my son. But with low wages and few hours, it’s impossible to get by.

Home care workers support seniors and people with disabilities through services like meal preparation, house cleaning, help with mobility, bathing and personal hygiene. I love my work, yet I constantly worry about paying my bills on time and putting food on the table.

But this isn’t just about home care workers. Seniors and people with disabilities want to live at home in their communities with independence and dignity, but paying low wages to the workers who enable them to do so puts the entire system at risk.

Home care is one of the fastest-growing jobs right now, and demand will only continue to increase as baby boomers age. We must start investing in home care workers now so that committed caregivers like me aren’t forced to look elsewhere to support our families.

That’s why I’m proud to stand with fast food workers in the fight for $15.

Some may not realize it, but we have a lot in common. We get up and work hard every single day, but barely scrape by off of the low wages we earn.

Those united in this expanding movement believe that no matter who you are or where you’re from, if you work hard, you should be able to make enough money to support for your family.

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