Workers at Cedars of Town & Country Win Their Union!

Photo Sep 26, 5 43 07 PMAlmost 200 workers at Cedars of Town & Country, a nursing home facility in the west suburbs of St. Louis, voted recently to become the newest members of SEIU Healthcare.

Workers overcame an intense anti-union campaign from management, even circulating a petition demanding an end to intimidation of union supporters. The retaliation and captive audience meetings weren’t enough to break the resolve of workers though.

“I voted yes because we’ve lost a lot of good workers, and we need more supplies for our residents. Our union will give us a voice on the job and provide security so that the employer can’t do whatever they want,” said Stephanie James, an LPN at the facility.

“This is our chance to improve our jobs and the quality of care we provide at our facility,” explained CNA Angela Perdue.

Next steps include gearing up for first contract negotiations by electing a team of coworkers to sit across the table from management, and deciding top priorities to fight for.

Congratulations and welcome to our union, Cedars workers!

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