Human & Economic Costs of Cutting Home Care Will Hurt Long-Term

Bill Hawk is an Edwardsville resident whose mother receives home care services in Alton, Illinois through the Community Care Program

My mother is in her eighties and has a number of health issues. She worked hard her entire life, raising five kids – one with special needs. Today she is living out her days at home in her apartment where she wants to be thanks to the Community Care Program. CCP provides a home care worker for three hours, five days a week, who comes in and performs important services like reminders about medication, picking up groceries, help with laundry and housekeeping. These are tasks that most of us take for granted, but for my mother they present daily challenges. As a son of an aging parent, knowing my mother’s home care worker is there to assist her is a godsend. I don’t know what we would do without home care.

Our Governor’s budget proposal would slash programs like CCP, kicking tens of thousands of seniors and people with disabilities who count on these services out. Those who don’t have family support will be forced into nursing home care, which costs up to six times more than home care. It’s clear the state of Illinois is in a dire financial situation right now, but cutting programs that will end up costing the state more long term just doesn’t make any sense. It’s time to talk about revenue solutions before we start cutting off lifelines for people like my mother.

– Bill Hawk


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