Hoosiers to Rally to Raise the Wage

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At Statehouse and Across the State, Working Families and Community Allies Call Upon Governor Pence to Take Executive Action to Raise Wages for Struggling Workers, Including 37% of low-income Hoosiers.

Responding to raising prices and stagnant Indiana wages, Hoosier working families and community allies rallied to Raise the Wage on July 24 at the statehouse and in locations in South Bend and Gary.

Participants protested Indiana’s last-place status among neighboring states, pointing out that her near neighbors all have raised the wage on behalf of working families.

The rally was held on the anniversary of the last federal minimum wage increase nine years ago, at which time the minimum wage was increased only 70 cents.

Here’s why a living wage is so important to Indiana:

  • 37% of Hoosiers are struggling to support themselves
  • 49% of Hoosier direct care givers and 45% of fast food workers have to rely on some form of public assistance
  • Hoosier CEOs make 306 times more than the average Hoosier
  • Hoosier purchasing power lags behind national average, ranking 31st
  • Over 7 billions of Hoosier taxpayers’ money has been used for corporate welfare since 2009

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