BREAKING: Rauner Administration Reverses Course on Nonpayment of 28,000 Child Care Providers; Vital Program Still at Risk and Exposed to Back-Door Destruction


CHICAGO-News is breaking late Tuesday that the Bruce Rauner administration has reversed and will process payments for 28,000 workers in the Child Care Assistance Program for work performed in July.

Folllowing is the statement of SEIU Healthcare Illinois Vice President Brynn Seibert in response:

“While this is temporary relief to 28,000 child care providers—many of them women, many of them poor, many of them people of color—it does not answer the question why they were singled out in the first place. And it doesn’t answer the question of why Bruce Rauner is engaged in a back-door campaign of destroying the vastly successful Child Care Assistance Program by freezing enrolment and demanding devastating budget cuts.

“While this is a welcome bit of good news, we remain skeptical of Bruce Rauner’s commitment to helping vulnerable populations in Illinois, including working parents and kids served by the child care program.”

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