SEIU Healthcare Missouri Members Applaud St. Louis City Council Passage of Minimum Wage Increase

Sherry Golden Wade, a St. Louis home care worker of twelve years, issued the following statement in response to this historic vote:

“I am so proud to see the work of hundreds of low-wage St. Louis workers, tireless advocates, and council members deliver a victory on Board Bill 83, which will increase our city’s minimum wage to $11/hour by 2018.

“This is a victory for all who believe that those who get up and go to work each day should earn a wage that they can support themselves and their families on. This is a critical first step to making that reality.

“St. Louis is an example of what can be accomplished when hard working people come together and unite with our elected leaders to make our communities a better place. I commend the aldermen and Mayor Slay who stood with the low-wage earners of St. Louis, and I look forward to a statewide minimum wage increase that will lift up all of Missouri’s working families.

“While we pause to celebrate today, we will rise again tomorrow with a renewed commitment to the fight for $15/hour so families no longer have to face the tough decisions that I know all too well, like choosing between putting food on the table or paying the electric bill.

“This fight will continue, and today’s victory is testament to the dire need and desire to boost wages for those caring for our sick and elderly, those who enable multi-billion dollar fast food chains to profit, and all who work hard each day, only to end up in the red at the end of the month. All work has value, and today we mark a milestone in St. Louis that recognizes the important role minimum wage workers play in our economy and communities.”




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