Child Care Provider Adriene Jones Speaks Out at Springfield DHS Hearing

Springfield child care provider Adriene Jones spoke out at the DHS hearing on rules before JCAR Tuesday, October 6, sharing her perspective about the devastating impact that Governor Rauner’s eligibility changes have had on her business and the families she serves.

I am Adriene Jones, and I am a child care provider based here in Springfield for 7 and a half years.

I care for about a dozen kids, and serve about 7 parents.

I am testifying today because I am concerned that Governor Rauner is intentionally harming the Child Care Assistance Program and is abusing his administrative power.

The rules changes are preventing working parents from doing what they want to do-to work.

In recent months I have heard of several parents who have been denied child care and were not able to work.

One parent who applied for CCAP for my business was denied.

She works at a nursing home in Rochester and had to stop working because she has a sick child and needs care to continue to work.

This is not a rich person. She THOUGHT she was just under the income guidelines. She does not have a fancy home. She does not have a fancy car – and is borrowing her mom’s car. She qualifies for Section 8 and for the LINK card.

This is not a wealthy woman.

This is not a corporate executive.

I mention that because I have heard news reports that, even though we cannot fully fund and support child care for working parents, Governor Rauner has found millions of dollars in tax breaks for corporations.

It is not right that corporations continue to get all the breaks, and yet a working mother with a sick kid and two other children is made to pay the price.

I will continue to provide a high level of care for the kids that have become like my own family.

And because they are like my family, I think Governor Rauner owes it to them and to the their parents to treat them with the same care, respect and dignity that he gives to his fellow millionaires.

We are in a real struggle. This is a real fight for the parents and the providers. How can he attack the smallest people in the community while he is protecting the richest?

This is not fair. I ask you to act.

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