Chicago Home Care Worker Alantris Muhammad Featured in New Alliance for Justice Documentary

America’s economy has swung out of balance. It’s getting harder to get by, let alone get ahead. Everyday Americans are working more than ever before. Our work has created record wealth for an economic recovery that’s been everywhere but ordinary peoples’ wallets. Our economic rules unfairly favor corporate CEOs and the rich because they manipulate the rules in their favor. Everyone who works should be able to make ends meet, have a say about their futures, and have the right to negotiate together for better wages and benefits that can sustain their family. That is at the heart of the vision of the American labor movement.

The Alliance for Justice recently released a documentary, The Right to Unite, that lifts up the plight of America’s low-wage workers in the home care industry, and connects the dots about powerful corporate interests that are trying to limit the voice of workers. One of the home care workers featured in the short film is our very own SEIU Healthcare Illinois member Alantris Muhammad from the South Suburbs of Chicago.

“I was so thankful for the opportunity to tell my story through this film because so many people don’t realize how indispensable we are to seniors and loved ones all over the country,” explained Muhammad. “I also thought it was important to participate because although the Supreme Court decided against home care workers last summer in Harris v. Quinn, that hasn’t stopped us from uniting and pushing to improve our jobs and the care that our clients count on.”

Watch the full length documentary below.

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