December 2015

ICYMI: SEIU Healthcare Sets Record Straight on Scott Reeder’s Unfounded Attack

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, December 14, 2015



CHICAGO – A column written by the Illinois Policy Institute’s Scott Reeder misrepresented a healthcare insurance program covering 5,250 home healthcare workers who are members of SEIU Healthcare Illinois. The column appeared in no less than 6 newspapers.

A column by James Muhammad, a Vice President with SEIU Healthcare, that appeared in the Joliet Herald-News on Sunday notes Mr. Reeder’s ability to take liberty with the facts:

“Reeder makes numerous unfounded attacks on a contract that provides health insurance to some 5,250 home health care workers across the state of Illinois. The central claim in his piece is that taxpayers are being compelled to contribute to a union health care fund from which many people are not actually collecting benefits.

 Nothing could be further from the truth.” 

Mr. Reeder made it appear as if the contract is written in a way that is harmful to taxpayers and to create an impression that even he admits is a mirage.  In Mr. Reeder’s own words: “At least on the surface, it would appear the contract has the state paying 80 percent more than it should.”

Mr. Muhammad points out that, “In fact, if one were willfully trying to distort the truth to smear organized labor, as it is apparent that Mr. Reeder and the Illinois Policy Institute wants to do, it could be made to appear that way in print.”

Muhammad also points out that Mr. Reeder’s actions are consistent with a concerted strategy by Gov. Rauner and the Illinois Policy Institute – to which Rauner has given substantial financial backing – to undercut SEIU Healthcare publicly, at the same time Rauner attempts to attack those same healthcare benefits at the bargaining table.

Read James Muhammad’s full commentary HERE,

(Resource: also see SEIU HCII’s press release: REBUKED: Court Gives Low-Wage Home Healthcare Workers Major Victory Against Another Gov. Rauner Attack).

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ICYMI: “Umm, I wasn’t asked” — Gov. Rauner’s Failed Leadership in Response to Laquan McDonald Murder

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December, 7th, 2015

Contacts: and


FOX Chicago’s Mike Flannery Gives Blistering Critique of Gov. Rauner’s Response to Laquan McDonald Murder After Waiting 8 Days Before Issuing a Public Statement

ALSO: Tough But Fair Sunday Morning Interview of Anita Alvarez Displays a Complete Lack of Competence and Judgment


Chicago – On his FOX 32 Chicago Sunday program, Mike Flannery gave a blistering critique of Gov. Bruce Rauner for waiting eight days before speaking out on 17-year-old Laquan McDonald’s murder at the hands of a Chicago police officer.

When Rauner finally did offer a public statement, he said he “cried” upon seeing the police dash-cam video. And why did he wait so long to speak out? “I wasn’t asked.”

MUST WATCH: FOX Chicago Slams Gov Rauner’s “Failed Leadership” Waiting 8-Days to Speak on Laquan McDonald Murder

Mike Flannery found Rauner’s answer totally unacceptable: “What you [Gov. Rauner] had to say could’ve been a meaningful contribution to the public dialogue had you not waited until just about every other public official in America weighed in on this issue. A big part of your job includes leadership…you did not behave as a leader.”

Then Flannery chastised Gov. Rauner for hiding from the Chicago press corps when asking tough questions on his “Turnaround Agenda” and limiting collective bargaining rights for public employees. Flannery admonished Rauner saying, “Be a leader.”

Earlier on his Sunday program, Mike Flannery grilled Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez about her handling of the Laquan McDonald murder investigation, and her gross incompetence in managing the office.  The interview is a must-see demonstration of Alvarez’s abysmal record and poor judgment in leading the Cook County State’s Attorney office.



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MUST WATCH: FOX Chicago Sunday Grills Anita Alvarez On Incompetence Over Laquan McDonald Murder Investigation and Managing State’s Attorney Office

(December 6th, 2015) — On his FOX 32 Chicago Sunday program today Mike Flannery asked fair, direct, and meaningful questions of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez about why it took her office so long to charge Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke for the murder of Laquan McDonald.

Flannery grilled Alvarez about her competence in investigating the Laquan McDonald killing, as well as her dismal record leading the State’s Attorney office.

1/3: FOX Chicago Grills State’s Atty Anita Alvarez Over Possible Cover Up of Laquan McDonald Murder

2/3: FOX Chicago: State’s Atty Anita Alvarez’s Judgement and Management Of Office Questioned

3/3: FOX Chicago: Alvarez: Missing Burger King Video Not Tampered With; Questions of Cover-Up?

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Not Nearly Enough: Firing of McCarthy Is Just a Start on Road toward Justice; Alvarez and Emanuel Must Resign

CHICAGO-Following is the statement of SEIU Healthcare Illinois Vice President Greg Kelley following the breaking news that Mayor Rahm Emanuel today fired Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

“The firing of Superintendent Garry McCarthy is not nearly enough to restore the trust that has been broken with the people of Chicago as a direct result of the actions of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez and the Chicago Police Department.

“Even as he announced his firing and announced politically expedient task forces, today you heard  Mayor Emanuel  heap praise on McCarthy. This is despite vast systemic problems that have been so hideously embodied in the murder of Laquan McDonald. Why did it take so long for today’s outcome, when the use of excessive force and inequitable policing strategies have long been known?

“The answer is that Mayor Emanuel and Anita Alvarez have enabled and supported a system that has robbed Chicago of true justice.  For too long, this mayor and the people who serve him have been more interested in finding political cover than hearing the cries of citizens, particularly people of color.

“Today’s news is the direct result of communities fighting back and doing whatever it takes to reclaim their city. But it does not change the fundamental reality: True justice requires that Alvarez and Mayor Emanuel resign.”

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