ICYMI: “Umm, I wasn’t asked” — Gov. Rauner’s Failed Leadership in Response to Laquan McDonald Murder

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December, 7th, 2015

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FOX Chicago’s Mike Flannery Gives Blistering Critique of Gov. Rauner’s Response to Laquan McDonald Murder After Waiting 8 Days Before Issuing a Public Statement

ALSO: Tough But Fair Sunday Morning Interview of Anita Alvarez Displays a Complete Lack of Competence and Judgment


Chicago – On his FOX 32 Chicago Sunday program, Mike Flannery gave a blistering critique of Gov. Bruce Rauner for waiting eight days before speaking out on 17-year-old Laquan McDonald’s murder at the hands of a Chicago police officer.

When Rauner finally did offer a public statement, he said he “cried” upon seeing the police dash-cam video. And why did he wait so long to speak out? “I wasn’t asked.”

MUST WATCH: FOX Chicago Slams Gov Rauner’s “Failed Leadership” Waiting 8-Days to Speak on Laquan McDonald Murder

Mike Flannery found Rauner’s answer totally unacceptable: “What you [Gov. Rauner] had to say could’ve been a meaningful contribution to the public dialogue had you not waited until just about every other public official in America weighed in on this issue. A big part of your job includes leadership…you did not behave as a leader.”

Then Flannery chastised Gov. Rauner for hiding from the Chicago press corps when asking tough questions on his “Turnaround Agenda” and limiting collective bargaining rights for public employees. Flannery admonished Rauner saying, “Be a leader.”

Earlier on his Sunday program, Mike Flannery grilled Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez about her handling of the Laquan McDonald murder investigation, and her gross incompetence in managing the office.  The interview is a must-see demonstration of Alvarez’s abysmal record and poor judgment in leading the Cook County State’s Attorney office.



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