Press Release: Three Questions for Bruce Rauner in His State of the State Address

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 26th, 201660219_Signs_PROOF_1pg_Rauners_Cuts_Hurt_Families_Page_1


CHICAGO – Bruce Rauner addresses the General Assembly Wednesday with Illinois in terrible shape. No, he didn’t create this mess, but he sure hasn’t made it any better, lashing the financial fortunes, economic health and welfare of hundreds of Illinoisans to an extreme “Turnaround Agenda” that even fellow Republicans like Gov. Jim Edgar have urged him to abandon.

Here are three important questions for Rauner as he prepares to deliver his State of the State address.

  1. Is it important for you to know of the human stories and suffering your policies and actions have caused to hundreds of thousands of lower-income Illinoisans, or are their immediate needs secondary to the long-term and unproven effects that you claim your controversial proposals will bring?
  2. You were criticized for paying lip service to women and people of color as a way to get elected. Why is it that those bearing the brunt of your policies now happen to be women and people of color?
  3. Yes or no-do you favor ending collective bargaining for public employees in Illinois. If not, why have all your actions pointed the state in that direction?



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