The State of the State? Broken on Purpose

Rauner Does Not Address Elective Damage and Impact of Extreme Agenda on People of Color

 SPRINGFIELD—Following is the response of SEIU Healthcare Illinois Executive Vice President Greg Kelley to Wednesday’s State of the State address by Gov. Bruce Rauner:

“If Bruce Rauner were interested in telling the truth today about the state of the state he could have said, “It’s broken.” And it’s been broken on purpose.

“The governor has caused massive cuts to the social safety net in Illinois as part of a scheme to enact his “Turnaround Agenda” to lower wages and worker protections. And it has been people of color and women who have disproportionately borne the brunt of his scorched-earth strategy.

“Home healthcare and child care have been particularly harmed by this governor, both by unilateral administrative rule; through the budget process; and at the bargaining table. The governor is quick to point out that he didn’t cause the long-term structural problems facing Illinois. But there can be no question that he has made things worse. And now, instead of asking for shared sacrifice, it looks like he once again is seeking to balance the budget on the backs of seniors, children, working families, people with disabilities, women and people of color.

“Rauner might have no conception of the suffering he has caused, but as he continues to push his extreme agenda at the cost of vulnerable Illinoisans and workers, it increasingly looks like he’s in a state of denial.”

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