ICYMI: The Reviews Are In! After President Obama Publicly Rebukes State Rep. Ken Dunkin During Address to General Assembly, Media Outlets Have Field Day

President Obama Shames Rep. Dunkin for His Betrayal of Working Families and Embracing Gov. Rauner’s Extreme agenda

(February 11th, 2015, CHICAGO) – President Barack Obama addressed the Illinois’ General Assembly yesterday as he joked and prodded his former statehouse colleagues to find common ground to make politics work again to solve problems for everyday Americans and seek an end to bitter partisanship.

One of the most memorable moments during Obama’s speech in Springfield was when the President publicly rebuked State Rep. Ken Dunkin. After talking about finding common ground with the other side of the aisle, Rep. Dunkin himself stood up and caused a stir, which Obama retorted, “Dunkin, we’ll talk later.” The entire chamber erupted into loud applause and laughing which utterly embarrassed Ken Dunkin.  (See the video clip here — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QScPpAxDIo).

CLTV: President Obama Calls Out State Rep. Ken Dunkin In Front of General Assembly!

Media outlets across Illinois chimed in and noted Obama calling out Ken Dunkin, here is a noteworthy list:

Chicago Tribune: Wistful Obama calls for ‘better politics’ of civility in return to Springfield

More pointedly, Obama singled out Democratic state Rep. Ken Dunkin of Chicago, who has sided with Rauner on several issues to deny House Speaker Michael Madigan a 71-vote, veto-proof majority. Dunkin is facing a primary challenge and is being backed for re-election by Rauner allies.

Obama said reaching political compromise across the aisle “doesn’t make me a sellout to my own party.” Dunkin jumped out of his chair and shouted “Yes!” before Obama verbally slammed him.

“We’ll talk later Dunkin. Sit down,” Obama said as Democrats — and even some Republicans — erupted into wild cheers.

State Journal Register: President Obama Singling out Dunkin

State Rep. Ken Dunkin, D-Chicago, got some attention from Obama during the president’s speech.

At one point in his remarks, Obama mentioned how when he finds common ground on an issue, it doesn’t make him “a sellout to my own party.”

That comment drew a clap and a audible “yes” from Dunkin.

Obama paused, looked toward Dunkin and said, “We’ll talk later, Dunkin,” drawing loud laughter and applause throughout the chamber.

Dunkin is under fire by fellow Democrats for being absent for a key vote on a labor-related bill and for not voting for a bill reversing child-care cuts, bucking the Illinois House’s Democratic majority.

Alton Daily News: Obama Addresses Illinois Lawmakers

“I’ve got an opportunity to find some common ground,” The president said. “That doesn’t make me a sell out to my own party.”

At that time Obama directed his attention to Democratic Rep. Ken Dunkin who parted ways with his colleagues on votes including child care assistance and an effort to change the way the state addresses an impasse in the case of stalled labor talks.

“Well, we’ll talk later Dunkin, you just sit down,” Obama said.

Down With Tyranny: Turmoil In Illinois Democratic Politics

[Rep. Ken] Dunkin has repeatedly struck back with shenanigans aimed at attacking the Illinois Democratic Party– who he calls “monkeys”– and is trying to make the race all about him vs Madigan claiming, for example, that the “Mike Madigan slave mentality of his plantation politics is real,” and calling Stratton Madigan’s puppet.

Today, even President Obama, visiting Springfield, chimed in after Dunkin interrupted his speech several times. This afternoon Obama told Illinois lawmakers Wednesday that they and the nation should insist on a “better politics” based on civility and compromise as a cure to the “poisonous political climate” that pushes citizens away.

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