Gov. Rauner Refuses To Allow Members’ Entry To Speech

Thursday morning, Governor Rauner visited Belleville East High School to give a speech. Several parents of students from the school district were cleared by the principal to attend the event. The parents, also SEIU members, were hopeful to hear what the governor had to say and to ask him why he continues to push for painful cuts to child care and home care programs. On their arrival after presenting their identification at the door however, representatives from the governor’s office denied them entry and these members – Rauner’s constituents – were forced out of the building by security.

Once again, the governor’s actions show he just won’t listen to others as he forces an extreme agenda – which harms not only workers, but families, students and some of the most vulnerable residents of the state – on Illinoisans. He should be ashamed for pushing out the people his agenda hurts the most.
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