Rauner Must Renounce Trump Movement of Hatred and Ignorance: A CEO Presidency Would Be Just as Bad as a CEO Governorship

CHICAGO-Following is the statement of SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Keith Kelleher in response to news that Bruce Rauner pledges to support a Donald Trump nomination:

“Bruce Rauner must renounce the Donald Trump movement of hatred against people of color, against people of different faiths and against our immigrant sisters and brothers. Trump’s campaign has been marked by racism, incitements to violence, misogyny, mockery of people with disabilities and a mean-spiritedness that has no place whatsoever in the public realm.

“Both Rauner and Trump apply the worst characteristics of a CEO, where protecting the richest means harming everyone else. What Rauner is doing to Illinois is what Trump would do to America, and we already are experiencing the failures of this unreasonable approach. A Trump-Rauner partnership would be a total disaster. Rauner’s policies have fallen hardest on women and people of color, so it is doubly troubling to see him vow support for someone who promotes such despicable bias and scorn.”

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