Day of Action Statement: What’s TRULY “Tragic” About Bruce Rauner’s Attack on Workers

CHICAGO-Following is the statement of SEIU Healthcare Illinois Executive Vice President Greg Kelley regarding the ongoing April 1 statewide Day of Action:

“When he was asked about the U.S. Supreme Court decision this week to side with public workers in the Friedrichs case, the anti-union stalking horse, Gov. Rauner called the decision “tragic.” It was a window into the mind of the most blatantly hostile governor to workers that Illinois has seen in modern history.

“The manufactured crisis the state now endures has at its heart Rauner’s desire to strip workers of protections, to drive down their wages and to reverse an entire century of gains by labor that created our Middle Class. In his pursuit of his anti-union goals, we have seen some TRULY tragic results. Thousands of vulnerable Illinoisans have lost care, are in danger of losing care or are just falling through the cracks. Small businesses, schools and social service agencies are closing their doors. And at the bargaining table, Gov. Rauner continues his assault, seeking to strip our home healthcare and child care workforce–the lowest paid in the state–of wages, training and health insurance.

“Today, we rise up and say ‘no’ to the tragedy unfolding at the hands of Bruce Rauner and Mayor Emanuel. We say ‘no’ to cuts that leave seniors, children and people with disabilities in the lurch. We say ‘no’ to special treatment for corporations, Wall Street banks and billionaires. We say ‘no’ to greedy nursing home owners, who put profits over people.

“And we say a loud ‘yes’ to the dignity of labor, the protection of the vulnerable and the fundamental right of all workers to bargain collectively.”


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