Spotlight: Northwestern Memorial Hospital Workers Launch “Fight for $15!”



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Stephanie Lewis_senior employee_30yrs_NMH_CROPStephanie Lewis: “As a senior employee at NMH for 30­years, I make over $15 an hour. I need to be able to keep up with the constant increases in today’s economy just to stay above water. But there are far too many of my coworkers who are barely making over the minimum wage. That’s not right! We need to fight together for fair wages.”



NMH_leaders_hold_Northwestern_Fight_for_15_and_15_perc_Raises_04_14_16_CROP“We need to be strong and unified. That’s why we are fighting for $15 and 15% across the board raises so that all NMH workers have economic security and a real opportunity.”

Joseph Johnson_1yr_NMH_CROPJoseph Johnson: “After working at NMH for one year, it is impossible for me to be able to support myself and my family on less than $15 an hour. I feel that we all deserve to earn livable wages whether we’ve been here for 1­year, or 30­years. Healthcare workers like myself who faithfully serve our patients and our community urgently need a $15 minimum wage.


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