At Chicago Fight for $15 Convention, Nursing Home Leader Carl Sims On What He Would Do with McDonald’s $368M Unfair Tax Subsidies

NH_leader_Carl_Sims_CROP_speaking_at_FF15_SUMMIT_McDs_368M_subsidy_Chicago_05_12_16_(May 12, 2016) — Our nursing home leader, Carl Sims, was invited to speak at the Chicago Fight for $15 convention in Logan Square. Carl gave an exceptional speech about why he’s fighting for $15 an hour for nursing home assistants and ALL low-wage workers, and explained that if he could, he would utilize McDonald’s $368,000,000 in taxpayer subsidies and invest in quality care for residents and give workers economic security.

Watch Carl Sims, Nursing Home Leader, Speak at Fight for $15 Convention, and Urging Workers to Join Low-Wage Workers to Protest McDonald’s Share Holders Meeting On Wednesday, May 25th:

My name is Carl Sims, and I’ve been a nursing home worker for over 23-years and a proud member of SEIU Healthcare Illinois!.

I’m proud to stand in solidarity with the Fight for $15 – and to be a LEADER with our NURSING HOME WORKERS ALSO FIGHTING FOR $15! We stand with the Fight for $15 because we need that $368 Million from McDonald’s to:

1) pay nursing home workers fair and starting wages of $15 an hour!

2) hire enough nursing home workers to eliminate the crisis of short-staffing so we can give quality resident care!

3) expand healthcare and Medicaid for low-income families, children and seniors who urgently need assistance.

That’s what we would do with $368 million! We would demand FAIRNESS and FAIR wages for ALL WORKERS!


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