Spotlight: Northwestern Hospital Patient Escorts Struggle to Make Ends Meet Earning Less than $15 an Hour



Rally_Signs_SLUH_Fight_for_15_and_15_percent_Raises_v2_01_08_16_Page_2DID YOU KNOW THAT…

healthcare workers at Pennsylvania’s largest private employer, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), recently won $15 an hour wages! This historic breakthrough, along with $15 an hour victories in California and New York, will lift thousands of workers out of poverty. These wage increases inject tens of millions of dollars into communities and will lift up working families and boost our economy. This is a huge inspiration for our NMH workers who are also beginning our own Fight for $15!


Ray Reeves senior employee 10 years_NMH_CROPRay Reeves, Patient Escort: “I’ve worked for Northwestern Memorial Hospital for 10 years now.  Even though I make over $15 an hour, I still struggle to pay my own bills.  I can’t even imagine the sheer difficulty for my fellow NMH workers who are starting out only making $11 or so an hour, many of whom have families to support too. It’s not right.  Northwestern is a large, respected and innovative hospital.  It should be leading the healthcare industry by setting a fair and decent wage floor of $15 an hour to attract qualified healthcare workers.  That’s why I’m joining the Fight for $15 at NMH!”



IMG_0975_Low wage worker_Victoria_King_patient_escort_NMHVictoria King, Patient Escort:“I love caring for other people. That’s what drew me to work at Northwestern Hospital in the first place.  But my passion for my work, quite frankly, still doesn’t cover my bills at the end of every month. If I made a $15 hourly wage, I would feel more secure in my life.  I wouldn’t be so stressed out all the time trying to figure which bills to pay and which ones to put off.  And I know that my fellow workers’ lives would be dramatically improved if we all earned $15 an hour. That’s why I”m joining this Fight for $15, because I believe in fighting for fundamental fairness!”

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