Pence’s Divisive Record Fits Him Perfectly to Trump Campaign of Hatred

Multiple sources are reporting that Donald Trump will be announcing Indiana Republican Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate Friday. Following is the response of Yin Min Kyi, Indiana director for SEIU Healthcare Indiana, the union that represents thousands of nursing assistants and home healthcare workers in Indiana.

“Mike Pence’s years as governor have been a sad mixture of failure and division, making him a perfect fit to be running mate to Donald Trump.

“As governor, Pence has focused on treating LGBT people as second-class citizens and ensuring that women don’t have access to reproductive healthcare, even while supporting laws that are driving down wages and stripping away worker protections.

“While he has focused on what divides Hoosiers, the state’s infrastructure has crumbled, it’s education system has lagged and wages and income have stagnated. No wonder Pence would be eager to drop his bid for re-election, where Hoosiers seem increasingly likely to reject him.

“Trump has run a campaign based on dividing this country on lines of religion, race, income, country of origin, gender and sexual identity. Pence has shown in Indiana that he’s up to this task.”

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