Trump Co-Chair, Cabello, Partner in GOP War on Women



Cabello can drive 400 miles to cheer on Trump’s sexism, but can’t show up to vote to protect working women and their families


Machesney Park, IL – Illinois Trump for President Co-Chair, State Representative John Cabello (R-Machesney Park), is back in Illinois after his trip to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention.  The convention featured Cabello’s fellow delegates exhibiting ugly behavior toward women.

Cabello continues to stand by Trump despite the fact that Trump has said “women, you have to treat them like s***” and called women he doesn’t like “fat pigs,” “dogs,” and “disgusting animals.”  Cabello believes Trump’s behavior is not a problem, telling the Associated Press last week that “Trump has a problem only with women who would never support him in the first place.”

Cabello’s fellow delegates sold campaign buttons featuring sexist language and a Trump adviser called for Secretary Clinton to be shot.

“Cabello showed his true colors in Cleveland as he cheered on Donald Trump and the GOP’s War on Women,” said 68th District State Representative candidate Tricia Sweeney. “The Trump/Cabello agenda is wrong for Stateline families.”

It’s not just women.  It was discovered that Cabello’s fellow Trump delegate from Illinois, Lori Gayne, has a history of racist and violent behavior on Facebook.

Women in Illinois have many reasons to oppose John Cabello beyond his support for Trump.  Cabello allowed two votes to fail that would have reversed Governor Rauner’s childcare cuts to 55,000 children.  Local childcare providers are still turning kids away as a result. Cabello also skipped recent votes to preserve a quality workforce of home childcare and healthcare workers. Approximately 95% of home childcare and home healthcare workers are women.

“Cabello has no problem driving 400 miles to Cleveland to cheer on Trump’s sexism, but he can’t show up to vote to protect working women and their families,” said Sweeney.  “Cabello and Trump do not share the priorities of Stateline families.”



July 25, 2016

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