State Rep. Candidate Cynthia Borbas Responds to Rauner’s Job-Killing Veto of Child Care Expansion

With child care costs spiraling out of control, Borbas calls on State Representatives Christine Winger to stand with working families and override SB 730 veto

Stop-War-on-WomenChicago  – On Friday, Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed Senate Bill 730, which would have made child care affordable for tens of thousands of additional families and created thousands of jobs.

SB 730, which passed with large majorities in the General Assembly, would have started to repair the Child Care Assistance Program after Bruce Rauner unilaterally cut thousands of working parents out of the program and eliminated child care entirely for parents who are in school or training. Recent figures from the state show that the parents of over 55,000 children lost child care as a result of these draconian cuts.

SB 730 would have immediately restored child care to parents who are in school or experiencing homelessness while boosting the local economy through a gradual expansion of affordable child care to tens of thousands of additional families.

Child care costs in Illinois consume a huge share of family income: a year of infant care in Illinois costs more than a year of in-state tuition or a year of rent. The child care expansion legislation would have put an estimated $150 million back into the hands of working families who are currently paying out of pocket or have left the workforce in order to cover the cost of private care.

Yet State Rep. Christine Winger sided with Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership and disordered priorities, voting no on SB730. State Rep. candidate Cynthia Borbas today called on the Rauner-backed incumbent to stand with working families and override the veto in the fall.

“The Republicans’ War on Women continues with this latest veto. From the hateful rhetoric of Donald Trump to the job-killing vetoes of Bruce Rauner, the GOP is devaluing and demeaning women’s work. Unfortunately, Representative Winger is showing herself to be cut from the same cloth. Instead of siding with Bloomingdale area families to create jobs and boost our local economy, Representative Winger voted for a policy that disproportionately forces women out of school, out of work, and off the path to greater earnings and advancement. It’s a shame that we have a State Representative who’s so beholden to Rauner’s millions that she can’t even vote for commonsense job-creating legislation like Senate Bill 730,” said Borbas.






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