Former Rauner Supporter Who Receives Home Care Services Says She’s Voting DelGiorno

State Rep. Candidate Tony DelGiorno “Walks a Day” in  Springfield home care worker Linda Grant’s shoes

DelGiorno_WAD_08.31.16Springfield – Rubbing feet sore from diabetes and her cancer medication, Ida Bowers said she voted for Bruce Rauner in 2014.

“I thought he would make a difference. Unfortunately,” she said Wednesday, “he did.”

Bowers, a native of near Cairo in her late 50s living in a Springfield apartment complex now, is facing the loss of the home healthcare worker who helps her bathe, cleans her apartment, gets her groceries and helps with her rescue spaniel Prissy.

“I’m not a beggar. I’m not lazy. I’ve worked all my life. … But I’m sick now and someone has to have my back,” she said.

That someone certainly isn’t Rauner, who sent the care system for people like Ida into turmoil by illegally implementing the policy capping overtime hours. And it certainly isn’t Rep. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez, who as Diana Rauner’s chief of staff was paid $100,000 and who since hasn’t lifted a finger to help Ida or her caregiver Linda Grant, both of whom are struggling just to get by.

Both Linda and Ida spent Wednesday morning telling their story to Tony DelGiorno, an eldercare lawyer who is running to unseat Jimenez in the 99th House District.

“You’ve got my vote,” Ida told DelGiorno, clasping his hands and sending him off with a prayer to “look out for those who need it.”

Linda said capping overtime means Ida has to find another caretaker on her own to cover the extra hours and not working those hours takes money out of her pocket.

DelGiorno’s own mother received home healthcare and he listened intently as Ida told her tale.

“I know that these services are for those who most need it. The governor has not stood up for our people and Rep. Jimenez has enabled his behavior,” DelGiorno said, leaving the small apartment. “Forcing people into institutions is no way to balance a budget. And hurting people like Ida and Linda is no way to run a state.”


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