Top 10 Questions Rauner Didn’t Answer Today

Governor Rauner advertised a live question-and-answer session today on Facebook. Unfortunately, the Governor came prepared with his own questions and ignored the tough ones about the Governor’s failures. Here are the top 10 quesitons Rauner failed to answer today.

1. Every Illinois Governor in past 198 years has passed a budget.  Why won’t you?

Governor Raunewr Fail

2. You identified child care as part of the $800 million in “wasteful spending” you cut. Why is child care a waste?


3. 5,000 parents & small businesses have lost their jobs due to your child care cuts.  Is that pro-business?

job losses

4. Seniors who have worked all their lives & paid taxes are losing services because of your cuts? Don’t they deserve better?


5. You make 27,000 an hour. Why don’t caregivers – who serve kids, people with disabilities, and seniors – deserve $15?

6. Why do kids, seniors, & small businesses suffer, but you got a $750,000 tax cut last year?

Wealthy man kissing money bags

7. Job creation is down by 50% this year.  Doesn’t that show your strategy of holding the budget hostage is a failed one?

newspaper headline_gift to IL jobs leftdown

8. Why won’t you release your full tax returns?


9. Why are you voting for the Donald Trump, when it’s clear that he’s racist and so are his policies?

10. Why did you create the position of chief of staff for your wife, at $100K per year, if IL was in a budget crisis?

First Lady Chief of Staff

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