New Hope for Racial Justice in Cook County With Foxx Victory

CHICAGO-Following is the statement of SEIU Healthcare Illinois Executive Vice President Greg Kelley in response to Kim Foxx’s victory as Cook County state’s attorney:

“SEIU Healthcare Illinois, with our membership anchored in Cook County, is proud to have been there from the get-go for Kim Foxx, who represents a new generation of leadership, one that is in position to make great strides for racial justice and criminal justice reform.

“People of color in Cook County have borne the brunt of the failures of the system. It is important to name the problem. It is even more important to provide solutions, and we are sure that Kim will do just that.

“Perhaps most importantly, we are confident that she is going to engage the community and the various stakeholders and lead the healing that is so desperately needed here and now.”


kim foxx congrats

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