Katie Stuart Wins Election, Will Be an Able Champion in the Next General Assembly

Following is the statement of SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Keith Kelleher in response to Katie Stuart be elected to the 112th House District, defeating Rep. Dwight Kay:

“In her win tonight, Katie Stuart showed thatKatieStuartCongrats1 hard work and an honest message can beat back an entrenched incumbent whose campaign is fueled by a toxic flood of Bruce Rauner cash.

“Our caregivers in the 112th House District were motivated to work for Stuart not just because of her qualities as a candidate and the honesty, integrity and hard work we’ll know she will bring to Springfield. But also because of the false promises of the incumbent, who paid lip service to our issues but instead watched as Bruce Rauner enacted massive cuts to child care and home healthcare.

“Stuart will be an able champion in the next General Assembly, which MUST pass a fully funded budget that preserves social service programs and does not ask the most of those who can afford to pay the least. Likewise, the next legislature has an obligation to preserve the system of child care and home healthcare that has been stitched together with care over the years in bipartisan fashion.

“Katie teaches people how to solve problems every day. As she heads to Springfield, we are confident she will be up to solving some of the biggest problems yet facing Illinois.”



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