Veto Override in Senate of Child Care (SB 2536) and Home Healthcare (SB 2931) Protection Bills Defies Rauner Attacks

SPRINGFIELD-Following is the statement of SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Keith Kelleher following the veto override in the Illinois Senate today of Senate Bills 2536 and 2931, legislation to protect the state’s child care and home healthcare workforce from cuts to health insurance and vital training:

“The working families of Illinois who rely on affordable child care to have a shot in this economy and the people with disabilities who rely on home healthcare to remain in their homes and communities can be grateful to the senators who today stood up to Bruce Rauner’s attack on their ladder to economic opportunity and to their welfare and peace of mind.

“The veto overrides of Senate Bill 2536 and Senate Bill 2931 sent a loud message that Illinois is fed up with Rauner’s single-minded effort to dismantle the social safety net here one thread at a time. Ensuring that state child care and home healthcare workers receive adequate training and health insurance (not to mention an actual living wage) is an important step and also is a matter of justice for a workforce constituted primarily of women and people of color. To this point, and now in their 19th month without a contract, these workers and the people for whom they care have been summarily disrespected by this governor at the bargaining table, in the budget process and via unlawful administrative rules.

“With the bills in the hands of the House, now is a good time for lawmakers of all parties to put aside partisan finger-pointing and stand up for those programs that provide the best chance to restore a brighter future for the children of Illinois and their working families as well as honor the principles of independence and choice that underlie the home healthcare system.”

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