State of Ruin: 10 Facts about Illinois Under Rauner

1. Manufacturing Jobs Lost

Since Governor Rauner took office, the state has lost more than 17,000 manufacturing jobs. (

Once upon a time there were people working in this abandoned plant. Focus is on helmet.

2. Credit Rating the Lowest in the Nation

Under Governor Rauner, the state of Illinois has had its credit downgraded to the lowest rate any state has seen in more than a decade.  (

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3. One million People Without Services

As of a June 2016 survey, 91% of human service agencies that receive state funding had cut the number of clients they serve, resulting in nearly 1 million people without critical services. (

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4. Close to 50,000 Children Without Child Care

As of November 2016, a full year AFTER the Governor supposedly restored the Child Care Assistance Program, there remain 46,551 fewer children receiving child care subsidies than in November 2014, before he took office.

I need child care

5. Home Healthcare Facilities Shuttered

21 home healthcare agencies serving low-income seniors have closed, reduced service areas or capped intake, raising the likelihood of forced institutionalization.

Portrait of an elderly woman sitting alone in a senior care facility

6. Caregivers Disrespected

Governor Rauner accused child care providers of inflicting brain damage on kids. (Capitol Fax, 01/19/17)

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7. Women and People of Color Disproportionately Harmed

Governor Rauner insists on poverty wages for home child care and home healthcare providers, 9 in 10 of whom are women and a majority of whom are people of color.  He vetoed legislation to provide a $15 minimum wage and has done nothing to help boost wages of child care providers. The average licensed Family Child Care provider makes only $5.05 an hour. (

MLK Poverty

8. Anti-Violence Programs Cuts

1 - violence

9. 100,000 Immigrants Have Lost Services

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10. Domestic Violence Services Cut

Domestic violence providers have received no state funding since June.

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