Missouri Healthcare Workers Condemn Legislature’s Vote to Send So-Called “Right-to-Work” to Governor’s Desk

SAINT LOUIS — Home care, nursing home, and hospital workers, members of SEIU Healthcare Missouri, condemned the Missouri General Assembly today for sending so-called ‘right to work’ legislation to the Governor’s desk despite bipartisan opposition.

“If Governor Greitens signs this bill, workers across the state will have a harder time making ends meet for their families,” said Earlene Davis, a nursing home worker. “Extreme politicians pushed these anti-worker attacks for their CEO and special-interest friends who were looking to drive down wages. It’s just plain wrong.”

“Missouri workers deserve fair wages and a safe place to go to work. Unions help make that happen and bad bills like this threaten workers everywhere,”said said Caprice Nevils, SEIU Healthcare Missouri Executive Board Member and Care Partner at St. Louis University Hospital. “Missouri workers know that “right to work” is wrong for Missouri, but politicians in Jefferson City put political attacks over people.”


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