St. Louis Workers Vindicated by Missouri Supreme Court Decision to Uphold City Minimum Wage Increase

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St. Louis – The following statement was released by Laquita Bowers, an SEIU Healthcare Missouri member and CNA of 12 years at Garrison Care Center, in response to the Missouri Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the St. Louis minimum wage hike, clearing the path for an increase to $11/hour by 2018:

“This is truly a great day for workers and their families in St. Louis. For years, we’ve been fighting alongside community and business leaders from across the city to give working families a real boost in take-home pay, and to jump-start our local economy.

“My coworkers and I work tirelessly serving seniors and people with disabilities in nursing homes across St. Louis. As cost of living has increased, we watched our wages stagnate  and our families fall further and further behind. For us, this news means a brighter future for our children and more money in our pockets to boost the local economy. I’m so proud of all the workers who made this happen.”


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