BREAKING-ICE Shooting and Sessions’ Comments Make Clearer Than Ever: Illinois Must Be a Sanctuary State

Gov. Rauner Must Stand Up to GOP Persecution of Immigrants; HB 3099 Deserves Support

CHICAGO-Following is the statement of SEIU Healthcare Illinois Executive Vice President Greg Kelley in response to threats to sanctuary status for Chicago by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the wake of a shooting early Monday during an immigration raid.

“Illinois is an immigrant state and is in greater danger than ever with the Donald Trump presidency, where we see the vicious bigotry of his campaign transformed into the vicious bigotry of his administration.

“The comments today by Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatening billions of dollars in aid to already-cash-strapped Chicago because of its commitment to providing sanctuary for immigrants and refugees are despicable and should be condemned by Gov. Bruce Rauner. And while it is still too soon to know what happened during the Immigration and Customs Enforcement shooting this morning in Chicago, we DO know that the Trump administration is eager to scapegoat migrants in a manner unworthy of our nation’s and our state’s history.

“In both the campaign phase of Donald Trump’s attack on immigrants and now during his presidency, Bruce Rauner has sat largely silent while the fuel has been piled. He and Republican leaders need to speak out now before irreversible damage is done.

“House Bill 3099, which would make all of Illinois a sanctuary for migrants and refugees and build trust with local law enforcement, is an important step in standing up to a persecution led by the Trump administration that is unmooring our nation from its values, destroying families and stoking the flames of hatred and fear that divide us.

“Our union stands in solidarity with immigrants and refugees, who make immeasurable economic and civic contributions to the State of Illinois. It’s time for Bruce Rauner to stand up for them as well.”



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