Missouri Workers Call on Governor Greitens to Stand with St. Louis Working Families by Vetoing House Bill 1194

MO Min WageST. LOUIS – Following is the statement of Robert Brown, a St. Louis nursing home worker of ten years who still earns below $10/hour and SEIU Healthcare Missouri member, reacting to news that HB 1194 passed the General Assembly and is now headed to Governor Greitens’ desk. This bill seeks to nullify the St. Louis minimum wage increase for 69,000 workers:

“Today we watched out-of-touch state lawmakers continue their war on Missouri workers by passing HB 1194, ripping away a modest minimum wage increase for tens of thousands of St. Louis workers. With implementation of the $10/hour St. Louis minimum wage already under way, it’s up to the Governor now to stand with the hard-working families struggling in poverty — or the big donors and lobbyists he promised to stand against on the campaign trail. This isn’t a game — this is my life.

“We call on Governor Greitens to veto HB 1194 upon arrival to his desk and, once and for all, end attempts to strip workers of this raise, which provides the promise of a brighter future with more money in our pockets to support our families.”


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