Child Care Providers Speak Out Against Rauner’s Back Door Cuts

Governor Rauner is at it AGAIN! And Child care providers are speaking out and fighting back!

Rauner_childcarecutsonway_backdoorcuts2Earlier this year, Governor Bruce Rauner and DHS introduced mandatory training and monitoring for all Child Care Assistance Program providers —licensed or unlicensed. The mandatory trainings are ridiculous. Rauner’s goal when he introduced the mandatory training was not to make the program better or provide better services for children; it was to create backdoor cuts to the program by pushing providers and parents out of the system.

The demands that Rauner’s administration are placing on child care providers are a threat to us and the children we care for because of their short timelines and absurd time commitments. DHS is demanding that child care workers complete this training my September 30th, entirely unpaid! This is a disrespect to us and working families.

Listen to what Linda and Carrie have to say about Rauner’s back door cuts:

Linda Lomax


“Rauner is setting us up to fail! The entire way this training is designed, it’s mean to keep providers from finishing the training- from the ridiculous time commitment to the confusing computer program. Bruce Rauner thinks he’s being sneaky, but we all know what he’s trying to do- cut out CCAP. “

Linda Lomax

Licensed Child Care Provider

Danville, IL



Carrie Morris Headshot“How can a training ever teach me how to care for my great grandchildren? These classes can’t teach us the real demands of being a child care provider- that’s love, intuition, and experience. I want to break the cycle of poverty for my family, and make sure that my granddaughter can go to school and get a good job, but in order to do that she depends on me to take care of her children. Bruce Rauner’s cuts will keep my family in poverty.”

Carrie Morris

Family Friend and Neighbor Child Care Provider

Chicago, IL


We are fighting back against these extreme mandatory training requirements issued by Rauner and his DHS cronies. That is not enough, we need to continue organizing our union sisters and brothers and the parents we serve to stop these backdoor cuts to CCAP!

While we fight Bruce Rauner’s cuts to CCAP, make sure you have signed up to complete your training requirements!

Call the Member Resource Center at 866-933-7347 to sign up for training now!

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