Hundreds of children to march on Governor Rauner’s multi-million dollar home as child care crisis looms

To protest the threat of a massive purge to the Child Care Assistance Program, hundreds of children and child care providers will march on Rauner’s Winnetka estate TUESDAY, July 25th at 11:15 AM.

Hundreds of children and child care providers will march on Governor Rauner’s mansion in Winnetka, Illinois, to protest backdoor cuts to the state’s Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).

CCAP for working parents is facing a NEW crisis as the Rauner administration presses forward in coming weeks with new provider requirements that appear specifically to target black and Latino caregivers and which could disrupt or terminate care to 38,000 children in the program.

The latest Rauner purge is being conducted under the banner of new federal training requirements that must be completed by Sept. 30th.The administration is requiring these low-income providers to pay for their own training and miss days of work without pay, an impossible hurdle for most. Providers and children face a similar fate as in 2015 when Rauner hastily cut the eligibility requirements that permanently damaged CCAP to the tune of about 40,000 children who lost care.

The march will begin at Hubbard Woods Park in Winnetka at 11:15 AM and will continue towards Governor Rauner’s mansion. Once at his home, children and providers will deliver thousands of postcards demanding that Rauner stop the backdoor cuts. The march will return to Hubbard Woods park where there will be a speak out on Rauner’s austerity measures.

***VISUALS:Crowd of hundreds of children, parents, child care providers and community allies, large banners, eight-foot-tall puppet of Governor Rauner, hundreds of home-made and kid-made signs. Crowd marching, chanting and delivering thousands of postcards.***

What:              Kid March on Governor Rauner’s house to protest backdoor cuts to CCAP.

When:             Tuesday, July 25th, 11:15 AM

Where:            Hubbard Woods Park, Winnetka, Illinois

Who:               Child care providers, working parents, kids, SEIU Healthcare Illinois, Chicago Teachers Union, Kenwood Oakland Community Organization


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