Rauner Lack of Leadership on ACA Repeal Shows Sick Priorities


CHICAGO-Following is the statement of SEIU Healthcare Illinois President Greg Kelley following the Friday morning failure of the Senate to pass legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act:


Even though the Republican repeal of the Affordable Care Act would harm millions of Illinoisans, Gov. Bruce Rauner was totally absent from every aspect of the debate. His silence was shameful.


“Instead of leading, like several other Republican governors around the country who actively petitioned President Trump and the Congress, Rauner gave quiet assent to schemes that would have ended coverage for Illinoisans with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s; stopped treatment for people in communities ravaged by the opioid epidemic; defunded Planned Parenthood, terminating cervical and breast cancer screenings; blown up services for people with disabilities; and drastically cut care for fully HALF of all Illinois children.


“What’s more, ANY of the proposed Republican bills would have blown a BILLIONS-dollar hole in the Illinois budget, with no proposed alternative.


“There were plenty of reasons for him to weigh in, but during the recent period of debate, Gov. Rauner spent his time spending millions on self-serving television ads, running statewide barnstorms demonizing his political opponents and even defending his new right-wing staff for making comments comparing women’s health services to Nazi eugenics.


“Gov. Rauner’s lack of leadership on the ACA repeal shows a set of sick priorities where there’s only ONE Illinois patient he cares about: Himself.”


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