October 2017

Governor’s Budget Slashes Nearly $60 Million from Child Care

In another hit to working families, Governor’s Budget cuts $59.4 Million in funding for federally mandated Child Care Assistance Program extension despite legislature approval.

Rauner Cuts Child Care no text

In budget documents released Tuesday, Governor Rauner declared he would cut nearly $60 million for an extension of the Child Care Assistance Program that was both mandated by the federal government and approved by the state legislature. That funding would go to expand CCAP eligibility for working families from six to twelve months, per the federal block grant, and ensure that families have the continuity of care they need.

Currently, Illinois’ CCAP eligibility is re-determined every 6 months, and children can lose access to their care setting, even if they are eligible again a short time after they are removed from the program. This creates a reality where kids churn in and out of child care settings and subsidy payments, leading to instability that impacts their development and school readiness, and adds additional burdens to working parents.

To remedy this instability, the 2014 federal reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) extended eligibility from six months to twelve months meaning the state cannot end assistance to families for modest income changes, or temporary changes in work, training, or education activities, within 12 months of program approval.

Governor Rauner and Secretary Dimas in the Department of Human Services have repeatedly requested waivers from the federal government to delay implementation of this change that would be beneficial to families and children across Illinois. This waiver has resulted in the nearly $60 Million being cut from CCAP in the budget.

CCAP has yet to fully recover from the devastating cuts that the Governor implemented in 2015. The program currently serves nearly 30,000 fewer children now than before those eligibility restrictions were put in place. Illinois has not only the opportunity, but the federal mandate, to improve its program to best serve families, and instead the Governor is using another budget crisis of his creation to harm the parents and children who are most in need of help.

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Video: Health Systems & Hospital Leaders Honored at 2017 Leadership Assembly!


HCII hospital workers join other leaders from home care, nursing homes and child care to rally at the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4th. Workers demanded a starting wage of $15 an hour and the “right to join a union!”

(October 7th, 2017) — SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana hospital leaders joined workers and activists from home healthcare, nursing homes and child care as part of the Union’s annual “Leadership Assembly” held this year at the Chicago Teacher’s Union office. The annual event celebrates the remarkable work and victories from the year, connects leaders with workers from other industries, and fosters a series of educational workshops and planning sessions looking into the future.

The theme of this year’s Leadership Assembly is “Together We Rise” named after a comprehensive outreach program to reconnect, engage, and mobilize all SEIU members in record numbers to strengthen the Union for the long term.

At the Leadership Assembly hospital workers presented a video montage showcasing the incredible work of leaders through speeches, press clips, interviews, photographs, and highlights from actions and marches.

Video: HCII’s Health Systems Leaders Honored at 2017 Leadership Assembly

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October Home Care Membership Meetings

Oct HC Member Meetings not chicago

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Gov. Rauner Consequences Exposed: New SEIU Healthcare Radio Ad Highlights Harm to People with Disabilities from Dangerous OT Cuts to Care

1000s In Crosshairs as DHS Punitive Policy Advances 

Chicago – A new 60-second radio ad featuring a Chicagoan with a disability who is served by the DHS Home Services Program exposes the real-life consequences of Governor Bruce Rauner’s dangerous cuts to overtime care.

The new ad, which began airing Tuesday, October 17, features Jennifer Kostanski, who lost use of her limbs 14 years ago in a spinal injury suffered in a car accident.

The caregiver on whom Jennifer relies now faces suspension for working hours above the new overtime caps put in place by the Rauner administration; hours of care that Kostanski needs to live safely at home.

Nearly 1,000 caregivers have received similar disciplinary notices resulting from the strict cap put in place in August and all are on track for suspensions.

“I’m paralyzed from the chest down. I can’t imagine that I’d have any quality of life without my home care worker. I consider Melissa a godsend; she is my hands. I don’t see why Bruce Rauner is doing this,” Kostanski says in the ad.

Listen to the new ad, titled “Blink” here, which is airing in the Chicago and Springfield markets.

Terri Harkin, a vice president with SEIU Healthcare Illinois, said:

“Jennifer’s story is a prime example of the dire consequences facing people with severe disabilities directly because of Governor Rauner’s strict overtime policy. The governor is threatening to take away trusted, dedicated caregivers from the people who need them most. We hope Gov. Rauner will hear Jennifer’s plea, change course and remove the threat of suspension to caregivers resulting from his illegally implemented policy.”


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Rauner Will Receive Nearly $300 MILLION in Giveaways Under Regressive GOP Tax Plan


Questions Abound: Is Tycoon STILL Passing Tax Burden Onto Illinois? How?

Like Trump, Gov. .01% Continues to Hide FULL Tax Returns

CHICAGO-Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, one of the richest men in America, will receive nearly $300 million in benefits under the regressive GOP tax plan currently up for debate in the Congress.

Our best estimate is that, based on his 2015 income of $188.2 million, the Republican reduction in rates for the richest Americans would net Rauner an annual giveaway of $3.7 million. And the Republican proposal to eliminate the federal estate tax on the wealthiest Americans would net Rauner a one-time windfall of $294 MILLION on the wealth of someone who famously described himself as a member of the “point zero one percent.”

The Republican plan to shift the tax burden onto working families is ON TOP of exotic tax schemes, including Cayman Islands tax shelters, that already have allowed Rauner to avoid paying tens of millions of dollars to Illinois and to the United States, even as services are being slashed and he claims the state budget is “out of whack.”

Nobody can know the full extent of the Rauner tax dodges, given his REFUSAL to release his FULL tax returns, behaving in ways similar to President Donald Trump.


  1. Does he support further tax breaks to billionaires in the new Republican giveaway plan that will lead to higher federal and state deficits?
  2. Will he release his full tax returns so Illinoisans can see the extent to which he is placing the burden on them? If not, why not?
  3. Does he support eliminating the estate tax on his enormous wealth?
  4. By how many millions of dollars is Rauner still benefiting from the carried interest loophole for private equity executives, which the Republican tax plan apparently will not close?


  1. The Naperville Community School District 203 2015-2016 budget ($263 million).
  2. The total FY2017 appropriation  in Illinois for addiction treatment ($190.8 million).
  3. The entire 2017 budget for the City of Rockford ($260.8 million).


1.    Cut to taxes resulting in increased annual income of about $3.7 million each year, based on average reduction for top 0.1% of filers.

a.    According to the Tax Policy Center, the average percent increase in annual income for the richest filers will be 2.1% (“Preliminary Analysis” table 2). Rauner’s income in 2015 was $188.2 million. $188.2 million * 2.1% = $3.7 million.

b.    Results for the super-rich will vary based on ability to take advantage of various tax breaks: see list titled “High-Income Households Would Receive Large Benefits” in CBPP analysis for some notable examples. The TPC model cited above looks at tax policy as a whole system, rather than being dependent on our ability to pick out particular tax breaks Rauner could use based on his most recent year disclosure of a few pages from his returns.

2.    Elimination of the federal estate tax in its entirety would result in a one-time estimated tax break of $294 million on his immense wealth.

a.    In a recent article “Trump Could Save More Than $1 Billion Under His New Tax Plan,” NY Times reporters point out that eliminating the estate tax alone constitutes a $1.1 billion tax break on Trump’s net worth.

b.    Rauner’s net worth has consistently been estimated at between $500 million and $1 billion (for example his own 2014 statement to the Tribune); we use $750 million net worth, halfway between the two figures, in this estimate.

c.     The basic structure of the estate tax is a 40% rate for the richest, and a $5.49 million maximum credit (details from IRS). $750 million * 40% – $5.49 million = $294 million




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