BREAKING: Tentative Agreement Reached with Community Care Systems Inc.!

Our union bargaining team is happy to announce that we have reached a Tentative Agreement with management at Community Care Systems Inc. 


Community Care home care aides fought in Springfield to win our rate increases and we stood united at the bargaining table to win our raises and fight management’s proposal to slash our mileage. 75 workers shared their personal stories of why any mileage reduction would be harmful, and our bargaining team delivered those stories to management at the negotiating table. Hundreds of workers signed petitions that demanded our raises with no cuts to mileage as well, adding even more pressure at the table.

When we stand together in our union, we win!

Our elected union bargaining team recommends that all union members vote YES to approve our Tentative Agreement. Once members approve, our raises will be on our November 18th paychecks, and our retro checks that contain our back pay will be paid in December. Instructions for voting will be shared out widely very soon – stay tuned.

Here’s what we won in our new agreement:

  • Raises of at least $.72 retroactive to 8/1/17, with additional money for more senior workers!
  • $1.77 increase for our health insurance.
  • Paid sick time for workers covered by the Paid Sick Time Ordinance in Cook County.
  • Protected our mileage reimbursement at $.40/mile.
  • Travel time to be paid at our regular wage.
  • Contract expiration date of 7/31/20, with the right to negotiate additional raises and other improvements when we win rate increases.
  • Improved union rights to make our union stronger.

Keep an eye on your mail and your email for instructions on how to vote and approve this exciting new agreement. Congratulations to all Community Care Systems home care aides on this victory!

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