Rep. Bruce Franks to Join Striking Workers to Connect Strikers’ Fight with Black Lives Matter


Rep. Franks and Workers to Demand that Management Recognize the Rights –and Value– of African-American Workforce 

FERGUSON, MO —  As the Christian Care Home strike enters its sixth day, workers on the picket line will be joined tonight at 5PM by State Representative Bruce Franks, a vocal leader of Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of the fatal police shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, for a press conference connecting the two struggles.

Rep. Franks and striking workers who took an active role in the police brutality protests in Ferguson and St. Louis, will demand that the rights of the largely African-American workforce of Christian Care Home be respected by the nursing facility’s ownership.

Many of the striking workers took place in the protests in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death at the hands of police officer Darren Wilson. Tonight, they will join Rep. Franks to speak out about the connection between racist policing and unfair treatment on the job — and how both result in black and brown people being treated as second-class citizens.

WHAT: State Rep. Bruce Franks and community supporters, including faith leaders Darryl Commings, Korla Masters and Jon Stratton to join striking Christian Care workers to demand that the rights of the mostly African American workers be valued


5:00 PM, WEDNESDAY, December 6, 2017

Christian Care Home

800 Chambers Rd. in Ferguson

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