Students & Healthcare Workers to Demand GOP Reject Trump’s Tax Plan

Chicago, IL – Trump’s tax plan is speeding through Congress. If enacted, Illinois families will lose their healthcare and graduate students would be forced to drop out of college in order to give huge tax cuts to the rich. 

The GOP tax plan will cause as much as a $1.8 trillion cut to healthcare services – including hospital visits and nursing home care funded through Medicaid – as well as jeopardize the education of over 170,000 graduate students. While Illinois families experience deep cuts under the bill, the wealthy will receive enormous tax breaks – including a $300 million cut for Governor Rauner who endorsed the plan days ago.  On November 16th, Rep. Peter Roskam – a member of the GOP House leadership – voted in favor of the House version of Trump’s tax plan.  The U.S. Senate narrowly passed a slightly differnet tax plan at 2 A.M. on Saturday morning. The House and Senate have appointed members to a conference committee to reconcile the different versions before the plan can become law. Rep. Roskam was appointed to that committee.    

On Wednesday, graduate students and healthcare workers at Loyola University will demand GOP leaders Gov. Bruce Rauner and Rep. Peter Roskam reverse course and oppose the Trump tax plan.


When: Noon. Wednesday, December 6th


Where: Loyola University entrance on the east sidewalk of Sheridan Ave across from Loyola red line stop at 1200 W Loyola Ave, Chicago.


Who: Kim Smith, Patient Care Tech at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Lashawnda Dixon, Alden Lincoln Park Nursing Home

Alec Stubbs, Teaching Assistant at Loyola University Chicago

Jean Clifford, Research Assistant at Loyola University Chicago

Yelyzaveta DiStefano, Teaching Assistant at Loyola University Chicago



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