Day 11 of Christian Care Nursing Home Strike, and Members Still Fighting!

Watch videos below from workers on the strike line!

(December 11th, 2017, Ferguson, Missouri) — On day 11 of the Christian Care Nursing Home strike, as the sun started to set, workers stood outside in the cold and gusty wind chanting and marching. Cars and trucks honked consistently on the busy road to show solidarity. Members continued to show their strength and dedication to the task at hand.

These healthcare workers would rather be doing their jobs, caring for and supporting their residents. But the on-going issues at Christian Care such as short staffing, gross levels of disrespect, a toxic work environment, little support from management on top of working long hours for such low-wages was simply too much for workers to take.

“Walking out and going on strike wasn’t an easy decision for us. We thought about our residents. But we realized that the only way we would be able to give our residents the quality care, attention, and support that they truly deserve was to send a strong signal to management that the status quo could not, and would not, continue,” said Val Mitchell, CNA.

Watch four short member profiles below:

Cynthia Harris, CNA for 39-Years: “We have to take a stand!”

Ruby Crymes, Steward in Nursing Dept: “We’ve had a battle with management over 12 months.”

Val Mitchell, CNA for 20 Years; on short-staffing “We have 2 workers for 50 patients sometimes”

Constance Bohannon: “We don’t get any respect”

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