Day 13 of Christian Care Nursing Home Strike: Profiling Members’ Voices

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(December 13th, 2017, Ferguson, Missouri) — On day 13 of the Christian Care Nursing Home strike, we profiled four members with diverse backgrounds, ages, and years of service to highlight their voices. We also interviewed a local hero and labor ally from the Coalition of Black Trades.

Jayceana Williams to Christian Care Nursing Home: “We have work to do; come back to the table”

Nancy Jean Gates, 63-Yrs-Old; CNA Worker for 29-Years Making $10.15 an Hour

Joshua Platt: CNA: “Christian Care Is Losing Money, It Makes No Sense NOT to Agree to a Contract”

Patricia Madison, CNA: Day 13 on Strike Line, “One Day Longer, One Day Stronger!”

Labor Ally: Jay Ozier, President of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists “We Support Striking Nursing Home Workers for Their Courage”

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