Nursing Home Workers to Walk the Picket Line and Follow in King’s Footsteps Care Providers to Go on Unfair Labor Practice Strike on MLK Day to Stand Up to Lawbreaking Owner

mlk 580BURBANK, IL—Fifty years after Martin Luther King Jr. marched with striking sanitation workers in Memphis, nursing home workers will follow in his footsteps by going on strike on the day that bears his name.

The nearly 70 workers, mostly African American women, at Veracare Nursing Home in Burbank, IL, have struggled for a fair contract for nearly a year, while being subjected to numerous unfair labor practices by the facility’s new owner.  In response the workers have chosen to go on a one-day unfair labor practice strike on MLK Day to demand that the owner cease his unfair practices and bargain a fair contract.

Many of the striking workers have cared for residents at the facility for over 20 years, but have illegally had their years of seniority erased and their accumulated vacation hours taken away.


Nursing home workers at Veracare Nursing Home are going on a one-day unfair labor practice strike on MLK Day to demand that the facility owner stop violating labor law and take immediate action to settle a fair contract.


MLK Day—Monday, January 15, 2018
6 AMWorkers on night shift walk off the job to start strike. Striking workers will engage in a short speak out on their reasons for striking and will be joined by community leaders and supporters in walking the picket line.

3 PM—Striking workers are joined by elected officials and other community leaders and supporters for a Press Conference on the strike. Speakers to include:

Cook County Board Commissioner Jesús G. “Chuy” García

State Senator Daniel Biss

State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins

State Representative André M. Thapedi

4 PM—Elected and community leaders walk striking workers back to work.


5400 W 87TH ST BURBANK, IL 60459


To invoke Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of standing up against economic and racial injustice in standing up to unfair labor practices and lack of dignity and respect by the owner of Veracare. Workers are demanding an end to the owner’s lawbreaking behavior and for the owner to settle a fair contract immediately.



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