DOA Home Care Update: What’s in Rauner’s Proposed Budget?

Governor Bruce Rauner gave his budget address today, but we didn’t hear much about what’s really in the details of his proposal. 

Well, we took a closer look and you won’t believe what Rauner wants to do. 

The raises we won in the state budget last year, that were approved by both Democrats and Republicans in the General Assembly, would be eliminated under Rauner’s proposal. 

You read that right – Rauner wants to rip away the raises that we won and reduce our pay under his new budget!

We have statewide membership meetings scheduled for Saturday, February 24 to discuss our next steps – click here to view all the details and make sure you’re there. 

Home care aides in the Community Care Program went years without any significant raises and we fought hard through our union to win the rate increase last year, but Rauner thinks we deserve less and doesn’t seem to care that lower wages lead to higher turnover, compromising care for our seniors. 

This is unacceptable! Not only do we need to mobilize to stop Rauner’s proposed budget, but we also need to get ready to head back to Springfield to win another rate increase. 

Turn out to one of our membership meetings Saturday, February 24 and join the fight!

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